8 Best Blockchain Platforms To Build Modern Finance Applications

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It can also be used to create more accurate logs of aircraft maintenance, prevent overbooking, and more. A number of companies are working in this space.Dharma Labs, for example, is a protocol for tokenized debt. It aims to provide developers with the tools and standards necessary for building online debt marketplaces. Meanwhile, Bloom wants to bring credit scoring to blockchain and is building a protocol for managing identity, risk, and credit scoring using blockchain technology. It allows building solutions not only for crypto trading but for smart contracts as well.

list of blockchain platforms

No matter what industry you are looking at, you will find blockchain applications in every sector. Plenty of businesses are expanding in the supply chain, healthcare, logistics, finance, and other fields using blockchain. Quorum is a customized version of Ethereum developed by financial services company JPMorgan. It takes advantage of the core work on the Ethereum blockchain platform and repackages it into a hardened environment suitable for banks. It has been optimized to support high-speed transactions between institutions such as banks and insurance companies on a private network. It also adds various privacy enhancements to Ethereum to improve support for regulations such as GDPR in Europe and CCPA in California.


Blockchain could help dramatically reduce the cost of video traffic by decentralizing video encoding, storage, and content distribution. This could disrupt Netflix, YouTube, and other players in the video distribution ecosystem. Sandra Hirsh and Susan Alman’s work at SJSU caught the attention of the American Library Association’s Center for the Future of Libraries. They worked with the ALA on a book project involving case studies of how blockchain is affecting libraries and what will be accomplished in the future.

Startups are assisting in the effort as well — in Eastern Europe, the BitFury Group has partnered with the Georgian government to secure and track government records. Beyond better data sharing, blockchain offers an opportunity to improve healthcare before the treatment phase — in research and clinical trials. This helps prevent recalls or at least allows manufacturers to quickly contact retailers to lessen the impact of unsafe drugs on patients’ health and businesses’ finances. One area where this might be possible is in claims management, where several middlemen are focused on standardizing data, as it involves complex and variable procedures.

For example, the artist Beeple uses NFTs, which are based on blockchain tech, to create a unique signature for each piece of art he sells, enabling him to track each work, earn royalty payments, and avoid forgeries. The art industry has already begun adopting blockchain and tokenization as a way to increase global access to the art market and reduce transaction costs. Bookchain, a project from Montreal-based startup Scenaraex, is an Ethereum-based publishing platform for e-books. Authors and publishers can upload files to the platform and configure a smart contract for each that governs how the book can be accessed and priced. The platform enables authors to bypass third-party sellers and transact directly with readers as well as track where each of their e-books lives in real-time.

The devices would be able to communicate with one another autonomously to manage software updates, bugs, or energy management. A number of companies are leveraging blockchain tech to allow any device to securely connect, interact, and transact independently of a central authority. Airline loyalty is another area where blockchain is already being executed. Singapore Airlines‘ Kris+ lifestyle app has a digital Blockchain Platforms wallet built on a blockchain that securely turns miles into cryptocurrency that can be used with merchant partners. This program rewards frequent fliers instantly and lets them securely use their points on a variety of purchases, not just additional flights. Blockchain can improve transactions, shipment tracking, and fleet management, and it can also help protect assets and increase fleet efficiency.

The Top 10 Blockchain Api Providers In 2022

Smart contracts are then activated to measure the data against sustainability standards. The system immediately generates and updates auditable and verifiable ESG reports. In 2017, Brave crowdfunded $35M in 30 seconds during its Basic Attention Token ICO, geared toward compensating advertisers and users. Instead of using a middleman like Google or Facebook’s ad arm, advertisers will list directly onto Brave’s blockchain-based browser. Users who opt in receive fewer but better targeted ads without the malware. Blockchain could have multiple applications in the publishing industry, from breaking into the industry to rights management to piracy.

list of blockchain platforms

DAO platforms promise to reduce these costs by enabling the coordination of ever more complex activities among participants. In so doing, they could erode the competitive advantage of a traditional, hierarchical, centralized organization. In this article, we have listed the most popular and respected blockchain APIs in the modern FinTech world.

What To Pay Attention To When Searching For The Best Blockchain Api

It collects a fraction of each loan in a compensation fund, and that fraction is immediately given to the lender in the event of a default to mitigate loss. The Federal Trade Commission estimates that more than a third of Americans have a “potentially material error” in their credit score that negatively impacts their ability to get a loan. Further, concentrating this sensitive information within 3 institutions creates a lot of vulnerability. The September 2017 Equifax hack exposed the credit information of nearly 150M Americans. Traditional banks and lenders underwrite loans based on a system of credit reporting. Using a credit report provided by one of 3 major credit agencies — Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax — banks evaluate the risk that you won’t pay them back.

In the future, blockchain tools could serve as a foundational infrastructure for casting, tracking, and counting votes — potentially eliminating the need for recounts by taking voter fraud and foul play off the table. One organization — Synaptic Health Alliance — has brought Aetna, Cognizant, Humana, MultiPlan, Quest Diagnostics, UnitedHealth Group, and others, together to make sure their provider directories are up to date. By sharing this provider information with each other, these companies can reduce work, since data is stored and updated in a shared, accessible database. HealthVerityis one of the players in this space, combining a health data exchange with a blockchain product to manage permissions and access rights. Healthcare institutions suffer from an inability to securely share data across platforms.

list of blockchain platforms

Large hotel chains lose up to 30% of their total revenue to commissions paid to third-party booking services. Small chains and independent hotels fork over between 18% and 22% of their revenue to third-party services. There’s also a lot going on behind the scenes that blockchain can solve — particularly challenges related to aircraft maintenance, repair, and operations . PwC estimates that the use of blockchain could cut MRO costs by roughly $3.5B, thanks to improved efficiency. We’ve also taken an in-depth look at how blockchain could disrupt insurance. That said, there is a way for traditional, regulated institutions to wiggle into the DeFi space without having to enlarge their risk appetite.

Infura is responsible for providing access to Ethereum to approx 60% of all apps, including a popular Cryptokitties. We have already conducted a concise case study of the Criptocittes appin our blog post. You often hear the media describing Ethereum as a global supercomputer of the future. However, there is hardly any merit to it, apart from the name similarity. At the moment, processing large amounts of data over the Ethereum network would be hugely inefficient as it is both slow and expensive.

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The country has since banned public blockchains and instead plans to use adapted blockchains from platforms that meet the country’s stringent rules and requirements. Signal, a popular encrypted message service, is reportedly planning to expand into cryptocurrency payments. The regulatory environment for mining is helping push responsible sourcing as well.

In aggregate, ads add tons of mobile data usage to loading web pages, and both advertisers and consumers suffer from any lack of protocols. In the current web, it’s difficult to establish your true identity, and your personal information lives on company servers for apps you use with little interoperability (even using Facebook as a log-in only gets you so far). Platforms like Serto think there’s a future where your identity can be easily carried with you around the internet. In our digital world, where image theft is often a two-click process, photographers can have a difficult time getting paid royalties for their work.

  • In simpler words, open-source blockchain offers you the security of blockchain technology without anyone controlling the network.
  • As blockchain provides real-time visibility into the supply chain, it enables faster response to supply disruptions — making it crucial to the distribution of vaccines during a pandemic.
  • Several banks are experimenting with the Stellar blockchain network to make their services seamless, secure, and transparent.
  • Tracking and tracing aircraft spare parts is a manual process that often leads to delays, costs, and mistakes in MRO.
  • Blockchain-based cloud exchanges are decentralized, making them less vulnerable to fraudulent transactions and cyberattacks.
  • The hack resistance comes from the fact that in order to successfully do so, you would need a ridiculous amount of raw hardware processing power.

Currently, the industry is controlled by a small group of publishers, which makes it difficult for new and unrecognized writers to break in. New platforms are emerging to level the playing field for writers and encourage collaboration among authors, editors, translators, and publishers. World Wildlife Fund partnered withConsenSys and SeaQuest Fiji to implement a blockchain system that verifies where, when, and how tuna https://globalcloudteam.com/ fish were caught. Consumers will be able to scan a QR code with their smartphone to trace the fish “from bait to plate” and confirm that they’re buying legally caught, sustainable tuna with no slave labor or oppressive working conditions involved. Registering types and quantities of fishing nets on a blockchain could allow authorities to track whether boats return to port with the number of nets they left with.

This article will introduce you to these platforms and also list the top options that you can use. As a decentralized ledger that records, stores, and tracks data,blockchain provides a way to monitor the food supply chainand trace contamination issues to their root. Blockchain company Ripple has partnered with over 300 customers, including financial institutions like Santander and Western Union, with the goal of improving the efficiency of cross-border payments. Its RippleNet payments network uses a decentralized infrastructure to reduce the time it takes to send an international payment to 3 seconds, compared to up to 5 days for traditional international bank transfers. Back in May, I wrote about the concept of DAOs, decentralized autonomous organizations capable of running themselves thanks to blockchain technology — no CEO or C-Suite needed.

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Introduced in 2013, Ethereum is one of the oldest and most established blockchain platforms. It provides a truly decentralized blockchain that is comparable to the Bitcoin blockchain network. Manders said its key strength is that it enables true decentralization with support for smart contracts.

In addition, blockchain can be leveraged for flagging certain kinds of transaction patterns — giving police a heads up when an individual engages in suspicious financial activity. Meanwhile, the OOC Oil & Gas Blockchain Consortium created a platform for automating the processes involved in the transport of produced water. This includes triggering automated payments to vendors and providing authenticated, immutable records that aid with dispute resolution. When merged with virtual reality and gaming, blockchain is making it possible to buy virtual land. On the metaverse gaming platform Decentraland, individuals and businesses alike have paid record sums for a piece of digital real estate.

Your preferences may vary, depending on technology, project scale, and budget. Let’s address three crucial points you should take into account in the first place. Fortunately, blockchain APIs can eliminate the necessity of creating an entire cryptocurrency system. Let’s find the most suitable API provider, specifically for your needs.

Web scraping, residential proxy, proxy manager, web unlocker, search engine crawler, and all you need to collect web data. Some of the key features that boost the Tron network usage are high throughput, high scalability, and compatibility with EVM . Currently, there are plenty of dApps on Cardano for enhancing global payments with the help of decentralization.

The blockchain-based platform registers and tracks 3D-printed parts for a more secure and tamper-proof record. Blockchain systems like Vistory’s MainChain and Data Gumbo’s GumboNet also help protect the integrity of the 3D printing process by providing traceable, authenticated records of 3D designs. As a community-governed platform, all participants — people who hold its token, TRVL — will have a say in Dtravel’s decisions, such as determining home-sharing policies. Hosts will pay zero transaction fees but contribute 1% of all bookings to the Dtravel ecosystem’s property protection pool.

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